Ozmanet is a member only service providing family, friends and former workplace partners, website services. If you know someone who is a part of the team then have them provide a membership e-mail for you and we will reply. 

Ozmanet provides a wide range of Internet Services for the small to medium sized company that doesn't have the funds or a need for full time and expensive programmers yet still want an online presence.

We will work with you from determining just what you want and how you want it thru design and full presentations. Experience includes stores, schools, local governments, even private associations. Secure online payments via very established reliable payment services you control.

Again, you must be well known to a registered member or to someone close to me.  We provide inexpensive services, many free and are not available to the general public.

We guarantee right now, if we cannot answer your question or build and support your site we will provide you with responsible sources that can!